People That are willing to help there kids.

So we know there are a lot of kids out there that are learning the wrong way. That is why we call them generation deaf after all isn’t it. We have written a few articles on this subject already. So I really don’t want to beat a dead horse here lets look at what good some folks have done for our youth today. That way we have a few examples of what we should be doing to create a positive effect on our kids. Some of our friends over at have shown what it is to do parenting correctly in these troubling times.

Justin of Freedom Carpet Cleaning LLC has stuck true to his belief system, also helping him is of course his wife. Without good family morals, and a good family unit it can be tough for children today to learn how to follow and learn goodness, mercy, and temperance. You really have to be outta your mind if you think it’s OK to leave your kids unchecked with a computer or TV all day. It’s sad to see,yet it’s everywhere; Says Justin. What I like to do is show them by being an example I myself do not watch TV or play on the computer. I really feel like this helps my kids understand that it’s not that important.I notice my children will be playing outside while the neighborhood kids are all gaming daily. Really I don’t tell them no I just lead by example.

The Huffington post put out this informative write up on the matter

Oxford University has learned if your kids played there video games or watched TV less than one hour per day can often be more social-able, and satisfied with the other children, and there life in general. Whilst this can be harder to find in children that do play more than the one our mark.

So I suppose a quick game might be acceptable, but watch out, and make sure you don’t talk it too far.

In all the studies anything over the one hour make has a vary negative effect. Play up to an hour and your kid performs better go over, WHAMMY you kids a dud.

They have noticed kids playing too long have developed similar emotional traits, and there not good. One of these traits is the inability to distinguish reality from virtual reality. Can you imagine your kid running around thinking life is fake. That is the reason “some” not all, but some of these kids do dumb stuff. They have no idea of real life reactions from there actions. In there world they can just restart in the real world sometimes you don’t get that option.
Had these children learned to play outside, and had good parenting I.E. stop there kids from playing too long these problems would not exist. I here it all the time though, but I can’t stop him/her they won’t listen to me. This is the saddest, poorest, and stupidest excuse ever. How is the adult? You are if I really have to explain how to take something away from your child you are lost for real. Toss the crap in the garbage if it means saving you child from being the one nobody likes.
I hate to sound harsh, but you know it’s the truth. Do what you have to do to protect your child from them selves.

I just wanted to point out something about the children of today’s age

  Why is it that nobody respects their elders? Also why is it that nobody these days can seem to respect authority. I personally don’t think this is something that just happened overnight it’s not something that just caught on, like a new fad. Remember the 1960s and 1970s? I think of a lot of it stems from past generations. Take for example parents that were born in the 1960s. It seems like a lot of these parents were good parents but they let a few things slide that their parents would not have. I’m not necessarily saying that everything that generations beyond the 1960s were bad or I should say before.  Just looking at today’s generation so you can see the decline and degrading of discipline.


Let’s just go back 100 years ago. What would happen if you swore at your parents?  I believe that then you probably would have had to do a lot of chores got a good paddling, and possibly slept in the barn. Fast forward 50 years what do you think happened? I bet you would have got a good thumping and been sent to your room. Fast forward to today what do you think happens? Most parents and probably be disappointed and say to their kids please don’t do that. so what happened between the 1970s and today? I think it has something to do with the liberal rights movement. People were afraid that children are being abused and rightfully so I believe there was some extreme cases where parents were totally and completely out of line with their children. Why Then do people take extreme measures and completely and 100% take all correction out of family life. It’s just like the modern-day thing right now we’re fighting for our rights to bear arms.  do guns kill people? The answer is simple no guns do not kill people people kill people, and they just use guns as a tool as a means to an end. If they did not have a gun do you think people would still kill people. Absolutely people would start using the next most dangerous object a bat, a knife, or a car. So let me ask you this would you bann anyone from owning a knife, a car, or a baseball bat? No you wouldn’t ever do that because we need knives to cut up our food, we need a car to get around, and we need a baseball bat to play a game. Guns are used for hunting, and they have a purpose.
So in America we decided to take the extreme case, and totally outlaw discipline. We even decided that we would shame those that discipline their kids. Now look at the situation we have kids running rampid, and imagine their kids, kids, and their kids, kids, kids. Holy smokes we’re going to have an epidemic on our hands. I think eventually people will start correcting other human beings again, it’s going to be a drastic measure, and there will be wars, there will be some serious violence. In the end history repeats itself, we will realize that we will need to correct our children in order for them to be safe. We don’t correct your children to hurt them, and we don’t even do it because we want to. It makes me sad to correct our children we don’t want to do it but we do it because we love them, and they need boundaries. Without boundaries there is no structure, without structure there can be no building. And if there is nothing that is uniform organized or structured in someone’s life they will become wild. This folks to me is a very sad thing, and I don’t not want to see it in my children.

What is this world coming too?

Everywhere you look people are walking around holding their cell phones..not even aware of what is going on around them. They are so completely entranced with whatever is happening on the screen of the Phone they are watching so intently. And not only are they watching but also most often, and especially in the younger crowds, they are hooked up with there own personal ear buds. So not only do they not see but they don’t hear either. Will this go down in history as the deaf generation? Not that they couldn’t physically hear but that there thoughts were miles away and there was a total lack of being present and interacting with the world right in front of them.
Some would argue that this generation of people has the ability to do more than one thing at a time..far better than there parents. But others would come back with the argument that whatever they are doing they are not giving themselves completely too and are only going about half-halfheartedly. Hardly able to concentrate on any other task because in the back of there mind is the thought that they need to get back to there cell phones. We can begin to see how addictive these mini computers have become and how it is beginning to affect the social life’s of young and old alike. Who could have even imagined this would be what our world looked like a few years ago. People have become so used to the cell phones that it seems to be necessary to us. Could we, at this point, give it up and go back to what we were before every maThe deaf generation cell phone eye ballsn, woman, boy and girl held a cell phone in there hands. Could we live without the ear buds and constant chatter into our ears? What would we do with all our free time? Would we look up at our neighbor as we were walking past and say good morning. Would we have meaningful conversations with our family members​? Would we take up some of those old traditions that our ancestors knew and valued and were passed down for hundreds of years? Is this the century that so many things that we knew and were prized become lost? Are we going to walk around like a bunch of zombies with our thoughts and minds miles away from reality…until we become controlled by machines or become unable to function like a normal human?
I think about these things as I drive down the road and observe how many people seem to be out of touch with the day and instead focused on whatever they have chosen to see or hear on the cell phone they so greatly cherish. And I realize how much I myself have become one of these people. I would feel lost without my phone now. At least I am not hooked up with ear buds and among that lost crowd. You know the ones that can’t give you a minute because they truly can’t hear you. The deaf generation..


It seems like this is the generation where the topic of health is everywhere. People are becoming more and more aware of the need to take care of there bodies. You hear and see it every day. Being physically active and eating foods that give our bodies energy is not as natural as it used to be. Today we have so many options in the food department and a whole lot of those options are simply not healthy. If you begin to notice the labels on chemically processed foods it’s appalling. Sugar or its evil twin high fructose corn syrup are one of the first ingredients that stand out. It’s pretty common knowledge that sugar has a lot of empty calories and can play havoc on the bodies metabolic process ..Processed foods also contain a lot of artificial ingredients that we don’t recognize. Often times there are preservatives and coloring and flavor added to make the “food” highly enjoyable. So we have really begun to make a big effort to check out the labels before we buy anything. That can really be time consuming and disheartening because most processed foods are not going to be healthy.

We’ve also realized that our lifestyle is much more sedentary (as a general rule) than our forefathers. So it has become a common practice for families or singles or couples to join a gym somewhere. It’s also been exciting to see more and more families going on bike rides with their kids or someone taking their dog for a walk. Just to get out and swing your arms and enjoy some fresh air can be rejuvenating. It’s good not only for the physical body but for the mental psyche as well. You see cities around the world that are making more of an effort to put in areas where people can exercise without joining a gym. There are paths along the canals in Phoenix that you can access fairly easily. You’ll see walkers and bikers taking advantage of the miles of trails. It’s really great to see this new generation of health conscientious people. People have become more proactive about taking care of themselves. Perhaps because we see the consequences of people that have not even tried to be healthy, we’ve adopted a whole new attitude.

Even though I need to sit to do my job, I take a break every 20 minutes just to get up and walk around a little bit. A little stretching of the muscles and a little deep breathing can really increase my concentration. It makes me feel better to know that I’m doing something good for my body. This is the age of “no excuses”. It’s great that we can wake up and start paying attention to what we put into our bodies and to how important movement is for us all. It might take a little more effort than we want it to but it is very worthwhile. It comes with a lifetime of rewards.